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Recovering From Addiction

Addiction Recovery

Holistic Spotlight with Stephen Smith, Founder and Executive Director of “A New Life Referral Center” We are speaking with Stephen Smith, who through his Non-Profit, “A New Life Referral Center”, discusses how his community services for individuals who struggle with recovering from addictions and consequences of bad decisions, can help them achieve and maintain a…

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Extreme Wellness is for All of Us

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Marc Cohen, Practitioner of Integrative Medicine We are speaking with Dr. Marc Cohen, PhD (TCM), who discusses his unique and effective approach to achieving extreme wellness. Tell Us How You Approach the Concept of Extreme Wellness The word doctor originates from the Latin docere, which means to teach. Through working…

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Unique Approach to Treating Kids with Autism

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Jennifer Dustow, a Cognitive Learning Specialist We are speaking with Dr. Jennifer Dustow, who has a doctorate in Education, on how she increases left and right brain communication in Autistic children to calm the mind and increase focus. Tell Us How You Help Kids Diagnosed With Autism Improve Focus and…

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