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Toxic Body-8 Tips for Safe Detoxification

Detox the body

Something Has Changed As children, we never considered toxic exposures as a problem. We lived in houses and went to schools that had lead paint and asbestos. We broke thermometers and played with the mercury.  There was only leaded gasoline and we burned piles of leaves every autumn, a smell I still miss. Our mothers…

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Holistic Jeopardy: Is Holistic Medicine Legitimate?

Holistic healthcare is as provocative and debated as politics and religion. Over the years my husband and I have had many heated discussions with our families and friends, with both sides bringing up challenging concerns. But just how much do you know or is it opinion? And based on what? Show me the science and…

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Overall Health Weakens from Dental Problems

Oral Exam

Most healthcare professionals – allopathic as well as alternative health practitioners- would most likely not regard your dental health as having much of an impact on your overall health. Think about it. When you go to your doctor or hospital, have you noticed that there are no dental questions on the health intake form? Asking…

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Symptoms but No Diagnosis from Medical Doctors

Woman feeling sick

A friend of mine had been complaining of severe fatigue and was sure she had something very wrong with her. Her other symptoms included a persistent earache, chronic sinus infections, inability to sleep, and weight loss. Despite seeking the expertise of a multitude of medical specialists (ENT, GYN, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Rheumatologist and others) and undergoing…

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Air Quality Toxic Assault & Air Pollution Solutions

Air Quality can be Detrimental to Health Before I knew about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and what it did to indoor air quality, I chose a popular indoor flat wall paint for my basement walls. Even with the door closed, the fumes seeped into the upper floors. My symptoms started immediately – a sick headache,…

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