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How Do I Stop Being So Angry?

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Mariya Shiyko, a Holistic Life Coach and Healer. We are speaking with Mariya Shiyko, PhD,  on her approach to individuals struggling with anger. Tell Us a Story About How You Helped a Client Whose Issues With Anger Stripped Her of Any Joy Jenny, a young professional woman in her early 30s…

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Letting Go of Smoldering Anger

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Wellness Coach, Stacey B. Shapiro We are speaking with Stacey Shapiro, MSW, HWP, MLC on how she helped a young adult who struggled with anger. Tell Us a Story About a Client Whose Chronic Anger Finally Lifted. Heidi is a young adult who has struggled with anger, particularly with her family…

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Hope for Anger Management

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Robin Lambrecht, Doctor of Natural and Integrative Medicine, who Discusses Her Approach to Anger Management We are speaking with Dr. Robin Lambrecht, PhD, I-MD, DNM, MN, MH, and CDEI. Unresolved issues, personal hurts and trauma from childhood can cause your anger to be out of proportion to the situation or…

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